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DA seats into CRX

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is it possible to swap seat pans? I surfed around and found that a lot of people say no, and a lot say yes. I wanna know for sure because i heard seat pan swapping is a PITA
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so the seat pans are completly different. I'm going to try fitting the p/s seat in the d/s, and vice versa. I tried putting them on their appropriate side, but not a single hole lines up because the DA holes are narrow and the crx has one short slider and one long one. I'm going to mess with them some more after I put the heater stuff back together
the first thing i tried was just getting 3/4 mounting holes close enough to use self tapping screws. I liked how that worked out, the seats were 2"-3" higher (i'm only 5'5"), the only cons were the window crank hitting the seats, and the fact that self tappers aren't safe.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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