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DC Sports cat-back problems

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Does anyone else out there have the DC Sports cat-back exhaust? I'm having an annoying issue with mine. The exhaust pipe chatters against the lower suspension arm on the passenger's side...and it's pretty much pushed me to the breaking point today. *MAKE IT STOP!!!!* Does anyone else have this problem? It's seated properly in the hangers.
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I have that one as well. Are you talking about when you go over bumps? I do get a little "clunking" sound sometimes if I hit some good bumps. I don't know if it's the exhaust or what. It hasn't been all that bad.
what do your rubber hangers look like... if there stock they could be stretched out from being old.

if thats the case auto zone carrys then for cheep.

pretty much you have to find out were its hitting and make sure it doesnt hit it.. as easy as it sounds . i woudnt want to do it. i hate exhuast work

The rubber hangers look good. I'm thinking that maybe one of the metal hangers isn't welded on where it should be. Maybe I should just take it into an exhaust shop and get them to make a couple changes to ensure it has lots of clearance.
When my exhuast was rattling I took some steel wool and use pipe clamps to attach it to the pipe. I just put it inbetween the pipe and where it was hitting. it dampened it pretty well
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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