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that rex had to be hit at a crazy speed

doesn't look good for our rellow rexer

and in other news, i went to the junk yard the other day cuz my buddy said he got a older civic in that was in good shape so i told him to hold it, well i got there and they already put an a/c unit through the roof, so i start walking the junkyard and hes like check this out, a perfect dodge stratus was sitting there, i walk up to it, blood everywhere all over the windows, seats, rear seat, down the back bumper, i ask him what the fudge ya know, he tells me this guy tied chiken wire around his neck out the trunk and around a bridge takes off at 55 miles an hour, decapitation like a mug, they couldn't find his head until they started to lift the car on the flat bed, they found it in between the bumper and the trunk lid **shivers**, they said his hands were still straigh grippiing the steering wheel
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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