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Paul said:
SETI20 said:
Looks like everyone either made it out alive, or was ejected.

Yes I really want a cage...
i dont know if im weird or something but latly ive ben freaking out about geting in a wreck in the crx since its such a tiny car and everyone around here is such a horrible driver..

a cage would be super
Yea, a cage would be wonderful.... However.....I was side swiped on the interstate and knocked off the road and I hit the front 'knuckle' of a guardrail at 70 mph in my 89 crx. If you look at the guardrails on the interstate, you'll notice the first 8-10 posts that hold the guardrail up are wood posts. I snapped 6 of them when I hit it head on. Afer doing two or three 360 degree turns in the median, the car came to a stop. I still can't believe I walked away from my wreck with only some seatbelt rash.

Two weeks later I read in the newspaper a man "supposely" fell asleep at the wheel of his pickup truck about 2 miles down the road from where I wrecked. His truck hit the guardrail on the right side of the road and instead of it stopping him or absorbing the impact, his truck went over the guardrail and flipped numerous times before hitting a tree. Unfortunately he didn't survive.

I believe that if it's your time to go then it is your time to go. Even though a pickup truck is most likely stronger than a nimble crx, it all depends on the situation. There are so many factors the determine the severity of an accident.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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