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DIY Crx Red/Clear Tail lights

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Not a huge or groundbreaking project, but i still think it is different, since i have not seen anyone do this.

Wanted a new, different, but not ricey look for the tail lights.

I had 88-89 tails on my 91 Si, then i picked up some ,new, all clear tails.
The tails are like the 90/91 style, with the trim like border around the light.
I masked off the appropriate area and lightly painted away. I also cleared the lights, to give them a glossy look.
Bought the right color bulbs and there you have it, 90/91 style Red/Clear tails.
Suprisingly, these fit great, just like OEM and do not leak!
The paint and clear coat i used was made by Testors. The paint is Candy Apple Red transparent paint.

I don't sport these anymore. I went back to the 88/89 OEM tails, i just like the overall look of them better,
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how did you like the red? did it resemble OEM? (looks kinda pink in the pic but maybe its just my screen)
they also make what is called night shades light tint in red and black and well its made to do just what u did... just a tip for any others that may want to try that. they just need to make yellow n u could make your own jdm tails!
I prefer a darker candy red.... Not the model paint...If your going to go is route

Also this thread is old!! :bounce:
SanDiegoCRX said:
how did you like the red? did it resemble OEM? (looks kinda pink in the pic but maybe its just my screen)
After I did them, I didn't really like them, so I sold them.
They looked good at night and had the OEM lens pattern which is why I liked them. But in the daylight, I didn't like the look of them.
Maybe if they had a dark border around them or a better center garnish, they would have looked better, ahh well.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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