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Do interior smells count?

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So after the A/C swap, I've noticed a smell from the system... I didn't see any dead critters in the evap when I put it in... The smell isn't your typical moldy musty smell, its more like...wet dog and old man. So it's not one of those things you can ignore. My first thought was to push some Fabreeze through the system. (Turn it to recirculate, Fan on high, spray into the open blower unit from behind the glovebox) Then I thought about an air sanitizer spray, like Oust or whatever.

What do you guys think?
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Before installing my evaporator unit, I sprayed the inside with hot soapy water and then sprayed it out several times. There was a lot of mildew and old leaves and unidentifiable crap in there. Once it was ready, I sprayed with the Anti-bacterial Febreze and put it in the car. It still smells a little mildewy, but it's an improvement.
Yeah, I'm wishing I had cleaned it out before I put everything together. But I am very happy that it is in now, so in it will stay. I do find myself turning it off when driving up hills however... sound like a SOHC ZC will be needed... but only after the a6 blows up.
Anyways, I'll try both products, and post with my results.
It's also possible that a bathroom cleaner product that is specifically designed to kill mildew will work a little better than the products that I used. I'm almost tempted to try pinesol because I don't mind the smell of that product.
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