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Does anyone have that one road that they love?

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I grew up on a road called the Wilderness and its this little curvy windy road that goes from rocky gap, va to Holly Brook. I could drive this road blind. And its SO much FUN! I posted this because I took a cruise monday evening down to my parents and I got to take the HF through the Wilderness.....I had a blast to the point I wanted to turn back around and go again!

Heres a link to google maps: ... .2314&om=1
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Everytime I go back to CA I take a drive to the coast, 299 is great, lots of elevation changes and twisties going throught the mountains. Really beautiful drive, always green and even some waterfalls and rapids along the way. It is a longer drive, a lil over an hour, but really worth it ... 8&z=9&om=1
Those look like some fun roads...

I used to have one I loved at my old house. Lived out in the country and it went through the woods and I just felt ver comfortable back there. I could really test out the newest mod (or repair!) like it needed to. I now live downtown where nothing is fun. :rolleyes1:
Its me DUB said:
I now live downtown where nothing is fun. :rolleyes1:
You summed it up for me too.

There are a few roads I like, but they're all in central PA with the mountains, and another that follows the Delaware river. I can't think of any in the metro Atlanta area. Before I moved here I lived in Lawton, OK and I can't think of any there either. Too flat with all square roads.
Yup... a couple of them.

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Roads he said, like real roads. though I s'pose you're allowed to make your own! :notworthy:
I used to like Rt9 through Vermont, but too many trips home that way and getting arrested on it soured it for me. My favourite bike road now became my favourite car road... RT2 from Troy to I91, It goes up over a few moutains, and has some amazing corners, and it's largely unpopulated in the best sections! At the NY/MA border you have to go through Petersburgh Pass, an Initial D-like mountain with NOBODY living on it, and a great view at the top!

I couldn't find any pics of the hairpin except this drawing. but that's actually what it looks like:
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State Route 202 from Vernonia to Astoria, Oregon. Great road, great curves, geat scenery, no traffic, no police, and most important I never seen an animal on the road. Fun even if you don't go fast. Very nice to bike as well and not get killed by traffic.
Being in Colorado, there are a TON of fun mountain drives. In the summer, its so much fun to drive over the passes and everything. Theres also a lot of flat open space in the east which makes for some fun trips.
I love the drive from Kamloops to Vancouver going the valley way not the highway!... Tons of moutains and rivers and lakes, and little towns with a small number of people! Its awesome!
Mebane oaks road between 54 and 40 outside of chapel hill (curvy and decent at the speed limit)

My commute in before 7:00am (during the parts of the year it's not dark then).

Route 5 out of williamsburg in the morning towards Hopewell (lots of really old trees, dappled sunlight)

Cutting through the Natahala (sp?) gorge running from Chattanoga to Asheville.
i like 93 through boston. builds me left lug muscles and lets me learn more about my radio!


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Haha Matt! I DO really enjoy whipping down Storrow Drive at night or early morning, Jmart you like that too right?!
i take this back road on the way to school every morning.
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I love the main street in my town. Ya sure it goes by the cop shop but NEVER has anyone been caught. Its really short and a little windy but from the on end to the first lights its EXACTLY one-quarter of a mile :D
West Run Road
Bakers Ridge Road

Morgantown, WV
That does look like a really fun drive Mark. I want to get a piece of that!

Nice cracked windshield btw. :wink:
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