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Does anyone hear from Mike Mock (MrKwicko)?

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It seems to me that it has been a old time since I have seen a posting from Mike Mock (MrKwicko). Always an articulant poster, I looked forward to reading his balanced opinions and humorous musings. The last I heard, he ws considering opening his own performance shop in the Austin area.

He once made a road trip from Texas to Los Angeles about 3 years ago to pick up some engines and trannys including a D15A3 block and tranny with a Mugen LSD from a car that I was parting out that he was going to put into his 1st Gen.

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ive seen kwicko post on ht. not sure about recently.
Haven't seen him this year, but he's around.
cbstd said:
Always an articulant poster
Articulant? ;)

I really miss having that guy around. Always interesting to read his (sometimes long-winded) posts. Somebody get that guy back over here!
Yeah, Mike's quite a colorful (and vertically superior) fellow. I do miss his rhetoric here as well, especially his proclivities for dismay towards Saturn owners. :lol:
Side note: He also drove from his home in TX to FL for the FLCRXMT back in Oct. '03, I think, I thought *I* drove far (NC to FL...pfft).

Where are ya, Mike?

I emailed him. So far no reply.
Maybe his back is acting up again? Or maybe he's just catching up with his CRXes... like finally installing that LSD :p
Speak of the devil, and he wags his tail! :)

I'm around, more or less. My back is almost completely back to normal - which, for me, means it only hurts in the mornings now...

Lots of news to catch up on. Started a new job, which I love (and they love me, which is nice). The CRXs are still running. At least one of 'em is. Ruby is now my daily driver. The yellow '90 Si hasn't been started in a few months. Might have to dust it off a bit and drive it around before too long. The first-gen is still in pieces in my driveway and garage. It's the age-old story: when I've got the time to work on the car, I haven't got the cash. And vice-versa.

Anyway, I'm still around, at least from time to time.

Oh yeah, and my computer at home died, which kind of keeps me offline for now. I'm saving my pennies for a new 24" iMac flatscreen. Or I may just get my other iMac fixed (needs at least a new hard drive).

The major sucky thing about it dying is that it took over 30GB of music with it when the hard drive croaked. Most of that I've got on CDs, but who wants to spend that much time putting it all back into iTunes again? Ah, well... that which doesn't kill us, apparently kills our computers. ;)

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Good to see you're still around mike.
Back pains come with age. Therapy and fitness training helps, I have found.

A strong back, for me, is a pain free back.

must have been a post on his lunch break, it fit in 1 screen. :lol:

Good to see you're alive and kickin' Kwicko.
Kwicko said:
The major sucky thing about it dying is that it took over 30GB of music with it when the hard drive croaked. Most of that I've got on CDs, but who wants to spend that much time putting it all back into iTunes again? Ah, well... that which doesn't kill us, apparently kills our computers. ;)
Have you seen the prices lately on external hard drives? They are really affordable, and you can back up your entire hard drive (or just your media, email, etc.) as often as you want. It's cheap insurance, and a lot easier than ripping all your CDs again.

Or, do what I did. Get a 40 or 80GB iPod. I can justify it as a small external HD to back up my music (you can put data on it, too) in case my HD fails :)
Ryan: Yup, an iPod is definitely on the shopping list when I go looking for my new 'puter. A friend of mine (another Mac addict) actually has a complete operating system on his iPod; he uses it as a portable boot disk. Plus, there's still 50GB or so left for his music...

Anyhoo, I'll probably drag the dead one to the local Mac gurus to see if they can possibly rescue any of my data off the dead drive or not - or if it's even worth it to try. But I'll definitely be looking at a decent-sized iPod to go along with whatever computer I end up with.

Backups, Mike, Backups.
I am a Macintosh network engineer, and if there's one thing I can't stress enough is BACKUPS!

I run a RAID Mirror in my G4 Tower, Yeah, I know it's hard to do that in an iMac, but still.
I also have a SCSI Tape Autoloader hooked up to it, (Ok overkill)
and a 250GB Firewire Drive, that I assembled myself for like $100.

I run Retrospect
and it backs up nightly, my home directory, iTunes, etc.
It will also backup other computers into a file on the 250GB.

Hit me up if you need any help with that stuff, you've helped me out over the years on the forums with my car stuff, that I'd be glad to help you out with any Mac stuff you need.

From one Mac Addicted Rexer to another-

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Save some cash and go with Ubuntu. I just switched and I love it. Install is FREE and easy, if you want you can have them mail you a live CD for free. I had a couple of issues with my wireless and external monitor, but they were easily fixed, and I have weird laptop 5 year old hardware.
Just since this is turning into a Mac thread...I'll chime in.

I used to be a PC-only guy for many years, until I took the job at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as a graphic designer. Obviously graphic designers use Macs, so I had to take my limited Mac experience and figure it out. I've been through a few secondhand computers at work, my current one is a dual-1.25GHz (or so, I just got it when another guy upgraded) G4 with a couple of gigs of RAM and a dual-display setup with a 20" Cinema display next to an older generic LCD that I use for my Adobe Creative Suite pallettes, email, web browser, etc. so that I can keep my documents open and as big as possible on my main display.

I also picked up a used G4 Powerbook, 1.25 GHz with a 1GB of RAM (until I upgrade, which means I have to buy all new chips due to slots being full). It's not as fast as my co-workers MacBook Pro, (well, it might be until CS3 comes out, haha) but it definitely gets the job done if I need to work from home, I use it constantly for web browsing at home, and it only cost me $600 on eBay (it's a little dinged and scratched, but that just means I don't have to worry about it).

At work our department is the only one on Mac, so we are kind of on our own. We've got our own X-Serve as well, which sees heavy use with all of our large files. I'm also on my second iPod, thanks to the first one being stolen in a CRX break-in. I needed a much bigger one anyway, the first one was an old 3G 10GB model, which I bought back in the PC days.

I would have never thought I'd end up a Mac guy in my personal life, but once you get comfortable on them it's very hard to imagine going back to a Windows box. My old Toshiba laptop was such a POS, so it's great to have a laptop that really works like it should. Threadjack over.
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