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does this actually work

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its a fuel saving module supposedly do u guys think its real ... dZViewItem
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yeah complete waste of money
ebay ad wrote:
With the new fuel injection systems, we noticed a common problem among all vehicles with fuel injected systems.
There is something really retarded about this sentence specifically with regard to its structure. In fact, the whole ad sounds retarded. There are commas where they don't belong, words that start with an upper case letter right in the middle of a sentence, and various other grammatical errors. Then again, what do I know, I'm just a grade school drop-out.

Oh yeah, this is a total scam. ebay should be doing a better job of protecting the people they serve.
Somebody break out the shovels I smell a scam starting..

Waste of time, get the idea..
Yes 100% scam mythbusters busted that one right open only thing about it i would say is "STAY AWAY"
dohcrxl said:
ebay should be doing a better job of protecting the people they serve.
I'm not so sure, that's like saying TV networks should be advertising less unnecessary informercials. In a capitalist society, I don't see eBay doing anything wrong by accepting the auction. The old adage still applies, buyer beware.
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