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Door Panels Woes

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I just found a nice pair of hf panels for ym car and the top is mint but the bottom half is crap. how do you take them apart? ive seen them in two before(maybe not on purpose though). pictures welcome :p
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They are plastic welded they don't just come apart. In order to separate them, you would need to separate the plastic spot welds. And then you would need to plastic weld them back together. Not something I would probably try to do myself, because I have no experience with working with melted plastic.
i remember someone recovering the top door panel and it was seperated but they didn't say how nor do i remember who it was...
I've worked with the plastic welds before. I was recovering some door panels on a 95 Civic. All I did was take a soldering iron to the plastic spot welds, and once it starts to get soft, just pop them through. If you have an extra junk door panel that you're working with, I would cut off some of the plastic from it to use when you put the panel back together. Just do it as if you're soldering plastic. It's not that bad.
thanks a ton im going to start this weekend. i dont know what id do without you guys 8)
they are done!!! they look reallt good. i need a digi camera so i can show you guys! but yeah the "melting the pin with a solder iron" is the best way. thanks to everyone who helped :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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