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Ok, i know this is areally stupid queston, i've just never had to deal with it before. Is a '90 CRX Si DPFI or MPFI? i ask because i'm looking at instructions for a mini-me swap and its talking about it.

Sorry for sounding retarted everyone. Thanks.
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It's MPFI. The only DPFI CRXs were the '88-'91 DX (or "Std") models.
ok, thanks, looking at the wireing instructions, thats going to make things a lot easier!
It is easy to figure out by looking at the engine too.

The MPFI (multi-point fuel injection) has 4 injectors all in the intake manifold. You can see them easily. The DPFI (dual point fuel injection) has 2 fuel injectors that are mounted in a carb like box that sits on top of your intake manifold.

If you need any mini-me help, downest and I just completed the swap. I used a Z6 head and downest used a Y8 head.
Yeah the OBD1 conversion is easy with a conversion harness. Really you just need to run a few wires. Ive done this swap too many times.

PS, shipment 1 is out for delivery

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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