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Drivers side seatbelt reciever

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Where is the mounting location for the drivers side seatbelt reciever(thing the seatbelt clicks into)? The previous owner of my rex put some ghey harnesses in, and I can't figure out where the drivers side seatbelt reciever mounts. One of the harness mounts is right under the seat cushion, next to the e-brake. I thought that might be it. I just can't stand the harnesses, and since I am not running sub-12's, I guess I really don't need them. Any help or pics would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I'm pretty sure that on US models, the seatbelt receiver end mounts to the actual seat. He may have used the same bolt hole for his harness connection.
Actually the receiver was mounted on the drivers seat track asy.
So if you have a factory seat track you'll notice the lug on the track.
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