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I've never been to the track in my life. I don't have the time or money right now. Some day I want to. I'm just curious about driving techniques. I've heard about "oversteer", "understeer", "double-clutching" and other terms, but I have no idea what they mean. Can someone here enlighten us on the basics?

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Slip Angle :

The difference between the direction a tire is traveling and the direction it is pointing

Oversteer :

A cornering condition where rear tires operate at a greater slip angle than the front tires; the tendency of a car to turn more sharply than the driver intends while negotiating a turn.


A cornering situation where the front tires generate more sip angle than the rear tires; the tendency of a car to turn less sharply than the driver intends and compensated for by the addition of more steering input.

Double Clutching:

When shifting, rather than go straight to the next gear, the shifter stops in the neutral position, release the clutch, press the clutch change gears.
Syncros eliminate the "need" to do this. Some race trannys dont have syncros making this necessary. Also some of our work trucks have syncros that are worn out, and this makes it much easier to shift. Downshifting usually requires a tap on the gas though.

Fore-and-Aft Weight Transfer:

A load factor where weight is transferred from the front tires to the rear tires during acceleration and from the rear to the front tires during braking.

Most of this came from an info packet that came with some new tires I bought a while back. Hope it helps.

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ohjolt2.. thanks for that link! hopefully we will have a race track opening up in my town this year! The site for the track is there, but they havent broken ground on it yet.. I cant wait to be able to drive on an actual road course with my car...

I do need to study up on my driving thats for sure.


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