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Here in Holland we have a couple of TV shows like you have COPS.
Only since 99% of cops here are traffic nazi's...obviously the shows focus on traffic enforcement.
It's pretty boring actually. Speeders, illegal overtaking...etc...the only comic relief are the (usually) stupid drivers and their even more stupid reactions and explanations when they are pulled over.

The driver in the following clip had his car impounded because it failed inspection, and because of excessive exhaust noise. He had gotten a fix-it ticket, and was picking the car up from the police station. The officer gave him some instructions before he left, and warned him for the extremely low ground clearance, and the gate rails.
The owner, who speaks really poor dutch, smiled said "uh, ohkahy" anddrove off.

Video link

After the crash, the officer calls the owner, who simply drove off.
The conversation was like follows:
cop: Sir, when you drove off, your exhaust caught on the rails.....of the gate.
man:Yes. I notice dat.
-So, uhm. Are you coming to pick up your exhaust or what?'s still there????
oh. I'll be right there.

A motorcycle cop stopped the man a block away. He had a trail of oil and fuel behind him, as he ripped open both the oil pan and the gas tank.

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Wow, I laughed at first when I watched that, but then I remembered that my car like to scrape on many speed bumps!
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