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I know we have talked a little about different refrigerents in other threads but, I'm trying to dig up some info here for my summer A/C rebuild. Has anyone had anyone had any personal experiences with dura-cool refrigerant?
Especially in a crx, even better if you have a matsu compressor.

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I'm running Duracool here and very happy with it.
Same works great and it's environmentally friendly. I filled it up about 3 years ago. I gotta find the leak in my system though cuz it's almost all gone now. It's probably cheaper for me to just recharge the system at $5 a can
Try their system sealant. It will seal most small leaks.
What compressors are you guys using?


Don't forget my A/C Howto 8)

djhankb said:

Don't forget my A/C Howto 8)

Been reading it lately.
Don't remember which one I have. Too lazy to look. :lol:
Sanden. But Duracool will work with Matsu****a as well.
Do you convert to r-134a fittings with duracool.

Yeah. Easy. Just screw them one.

Just converted my gree rex. I will go by on Wednesday and check it out. Got a new compressor and expansion valve. Then filled with Duracool.
Thanks. That's what I thought. This afternoon I decided A/C is my only priority.

I'm also running duracool on a Sanden system.
It worked great for about 8 months, then wouldn't switch on. I think one of the service ports is the culprit. Last time I hooked up a gauge set, the system was at about 40 psi, and I seem to recall needing to fiddle with one of the valves to get it to close after charging. I guess I'll replace the valve cores and give it another charge as soon as I get some more refridgerant.
What kind of oil did you use?

It is compatible with both kinds. I just flushed the system and used their oil.
Is the duracool mobile recharge kit a good deal?

$45 shipped.

imgoingforit said:
Is the duracool mobile recharge kit a good deal?
That depends on your long term plans. I bought one of the previous versions of that kit - 3 cans of duracool, a conversion fitting or two and a charging hose with a cheap little gauge on it. The hose worked fine the first time around, but leaked at one of the joints the second time I tried to use it.
If you're at all interested in a manifold gauge set, just order the refridgerant. Pick up a set of conversion fittings and a can tap locally. Harbor freight's $35 manifold set is actually a decent quality set in my experience (though I can't say the same for the case). I bought mine at a HF retail store, so if you have one in your area, you won't even have to wait for shipping.
The can tap should screw onto the yellow hose for charging, the quick release fittings hook onto your A/C ports once you've installed the conversion fittings (though you'll only need the low-side port).
With a manifold set, you can also pull vacuum with a cheap venturi pump if your system has been open.
I disagree on the cheap venturi. You really will need a decent compressor for it. It takes quiet a bit of flow to get the venturi to pull a hard vacuum. A smaller compressor ain't gonna hack it.
Here was my plan:

That recharge kit with 2 6oz cans a tap and fittings
Harbor freight manifold
Harbor freight pump

Is there a way to connect that can tap to the manifold?
Would a smaller(maybe 2gal.) compressor with a 7gal. tank in line with it be sufficient?
Should I go ahead and buy the Duracool oil? or...
Should I use ROCoil like Stickershop mentioned? if so...
Do you have any suggestions of where to buy that?


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