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Dyno Day Results

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Got the results of my ZC:

122.3 HP and 100.6 torque at the wheels. Not bad!

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Not bad! Were you doing some tuning? or just taking a run at it to see how your car really stands up?
Just a run. I have never tuned it (and don't have any fuel management to tune it with!)

It was soooo hot today as well. I sweat buckets while they did it.

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Two questions:

1) Shouldn't they have taken it up to the ZC 7200 redline?

2) Is the AFR even accurate considering it is after the cat? (IOW did I flush $25 down the toilet for the AFR?)
AFR is most accurate if they install a wideband oxygen sensor in your exhaust before the catalytic convertor.
Whats AFR? :oops:
Air Fuel Ratio.
Taking it up to the redline wouldn't have been very helpful. They took it up to the point of peak power and stopped as soon as the power started dropping off....which is almost always before the redline.
Thanks. I guess that shows they knew what they were doing.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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