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Dyno Results-7/1

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Just ran the Si on the dyno. Nothing impressive but not bad. Ran 108 HP at 6500 and 115 TQ at at 4500.

The engine has a Cold Air Intake, Nology Spark plug wires, And Royle Purple Oil.

Tell me, Good or bad?
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is that to the wheels?
how many miles on the engine...

if that's WHP, I would say that's pretty damn good for what you've got done to it.
Yep, WHP. The guy i bought it from said the engine was put in about 60000 miles ago. Theres 173000 on the body.
what type of dyno was that run on? 108whp is extremely good for a stock d16a6 motor...

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More torque than HP! I've like... never seen that before in a Honda. Those are VERY good numbers!
It was a Dyno Dynamics 2WD/AWD Dyno.

Its a ZC block, I dont know about the rest of it though.
ZC block? shouldn't that have a bit more HP ??
excellent numbers for a stock Si w/bolt ons, not bad for a ZC. is it an SOHC ZC in there?
Yes, SOHC ZC. Not the best for power it seems but still nice numbers from it.
my dohc put 162 whp and 142 lbs of torque
granted I had a turbo @6psi 8)
ive never seen numbers like that out of a stock a6/single cam zc.......

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Ragnaarok said:
ZC block? shouldn't that have a bit more HP ??
No it would be the same as a A6
full ZC bottom end? VTEC top end? Only one way to find out, and I wouldn't recommend tearing it apart to find out.
At a 12.5% drivetrain loss, you are making 123 hp and 131 tq at the flywheel.

For the little you have done to the engine, it is laying down pretty amazing numbers considering stock is 108 hp and 100 tq. Honestly, I really can't see an additional 15hp and especially 31 foot pounds for simply a CAI, upgraded wires, and oil treatment. Maybe there were other things already done to the engine that the previous owner didn't know or tell you about?

Just as an example, a '97-'98 b18c5 (integra type R) only makes 130 tq... your d16 is making more? Something is definitely wrong or should I say very very right with your engine here.
Had it dyno before the upgrades at 102 Hp and 100 Tq, so its not that much add to the "stock" set-up.
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