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Dyno results for the purplecrx

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Purple ______ !
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Had her dynoed just for poops and giggles. Not sure what my plans are motor wise. Currently just an OBD1 converted ZC/Z6 mini-me. Basic bolt ons, nothing special, but I was pretty happy. I'll have the graph up tomorrow when I have access to a scanner.

104 WHP
98 WTQ

Figuring 15% drivetrain loss that puts me at about 120HP at the crank. Not bad for a low budget setup, and I'm still getting 35-40mpg. <3 my crx. Plus it's purple, so I automatically win, kthx!
nice you going to do any mods to it?
So that setup isn't as strong as a DOHC ZC?
Looks that way Charles.

As far as future mods I think I'm going to get some headwork done on a Y8 head I have laying around. Put the AKMEE valve train in, and maybe invest in a really nice exhaust manifold. Daily driver, so I've dropped the turbo idea for the time being (more maintenence and worries etc). Might get a D15B VTEC and just build that. All up in the air though!
But is it supposed to be? I mean, what is the whp supposed to be?
Doh. Noticed my timing was set all wrong. So I think i'm actually making more power. Timing needs to be advanced about 10-15 degrees to account for my mini-me hybrid as well as the milling of the head. So I think it might be a little more than that in reality.
Here's what my stock DOHC ZC with I/H/E did. I think yours can do more than it is. But then I don't really know much beyond what I drive.
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That torque 'curve' is beautiful, though in your case curve isn't fitting. It's a friggin plateau!
You know, everyone says that! I am not much of a tuner so I do not really appreciate the dyno. But it does seem like I have a decent engine. It was mated to a auto tranny so it was probably driven by a woman in Japan. No japanese man would drive a sports car with an automatic. So I probably got a ZC that was not ragged on.
At a 15% loss, 104whp is 122.3 fhp. People always say there's a 10-15% loss in our fwd Hondas so I cut it right down the middle at 12.5%... with that figure you're making 118.8 fhp. Sorry purp, no offense intended but that number sucks for the setup you have.

If you're 10-15 degrees off on timing that can be worth a whole hell of a lot.

I presume the p28 ecu is being utilized so it should make 125 stock add 10-15 for ihe.
This dyno is not accurate. My car's timing is so screwed up it's insane. Now it's not even running. *Sigh*

I'm buying a cam and having it put in and having the timing belt put on properly this time. And you're right, I should be making a lot more power. Stupid purple car!!!!!!! :evil:
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