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not sure if this is the correct forum, if not can the mods please move it

first i want to thank a few ppl, b/c without them this would have never happened. in no real order.... Andrey @ DCP for helping build my custom turbo kit. GGR / Eli for always lending me a helping hand no matter how large or small the job was....... note: never change a fuel pump on an ef with a full tank of gas ;)

last but definately not least, my wifey. First of all she bought me the motor thats in the car now, ya shes a keeper. she always understands when spend time to work on my car, i knew she was the one when she bought me the motor for valentines day... AND let me swap it ON valentines day.

i appologize for all the ppl i have missed out, my memory sucks donkey balls

anyways, back to bussiness. all pulls were made at 15psi, no timing changes just a few afr corrections. didnt know until today that afr's vary so much from street tune to loaded dyno tunes ( perfect traction unlike street tunes where the car often breaks loose)

thanx to rob, a video of the dyno will be posted soon as well

also want to thank marko and sean mark @forcefed for giving me an extra run. i will be seeing you guys agian next year for sure

all comments welcome :)

i guess specs would help, sorry im slow

stock d16y8 complete motor
DSM 450cc injectors
1st gen DSM BOV
custom DCP turbo manifold
KKK K26 turbo with stock external wastegate w/ custom MBC
custom DCP dual core FMIC
2.25 downpipe
generic no name test pipe
2.25 exh with resonator and muffler

tuned on crome by me, verified by ian and eli

upgrades for next season
fix all boost leaks (alteast the 2 known ones for sure)
3inch downpipe
2.5inch exh
change to another DCP intercooler

79 Posts
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mattminerDOTcom said:
good deal man. i saw you post up on turbo D.

that KKK is that out of an older porsche?

how much timing are you running at full boost? the y8s ive worked on really hated timing in boost...

[email protected]
turbo was out of an audi 5000 / old school porsche 944/911

timing at 15psi was 5*

probably could have made more with more timing but i cant afford dyno time
i can only afford to street tune my own car .... which was free cuz im the tuner
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