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E-Brake Problems

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For some reason when i pull my e-brake little or nothing happens what could it be:?: Plus when my e-brake is not in use it bounces up and down as i drive.
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Cable is loose or broken. I recommend using Duct Tape to fix this issue. :wink:
I agree with the above. Or rear adjusters (well, at least 88 and 89) arent adjusted. The drums should just start to drag when the car is up in the air when you pull the ebrake one click.
Sounds like you may have a siezed e-cable issue sir.
I wrote a HOW TO article for adjusting the e-brake cable.

Here it is. Hope it helps!
Question: Do you regularly use your E-brake? If not, it is probably rusted and seized solid in the guide tube.

Why do I know this? I gave my '88 CRX to my wife when I got a Si. Three years later (she almost never uses the E-brake), it froze up.

Use it or lose it, people!
cool thanks guys ill have to try some of this and see what haapens and thanks for telling me there was a HOW TO, stickershop. i looked and couldnt find one,other wise i would of just read it instead of asking.
my ebrake is only good enough to hold the car still on flat ground..if im on an incline forget about it

what do you think that is?
Either improper adjustment, or soaked shoes. Pop your drums off and see if they are leaking... mine were when I had a similar problem.
i have no idea how to do that or i would...

if yuou could tell me how i will try it out when i replace my rims here soon
Paul said:
i have no idea how to do that or i would...

if yuou could tell me how i will try it out when i replace my rims here soon
OK I will assume that you know how to take your wheels off.
1.Remove rear wheels.
2.Take a hammer and give a good smack on the drum(to loosen the rust and knock the drum free)
3.Grab the drum at opposite sides(i.e. 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock) and give a little pull as you twist the drum.
4.If it is difficult to remove you may have to de-adjust the adjuster.There is a small access hole in the backing plate(back side of where the drum is mounted).
5.To de-adjust use a screwdriver and rotate the little starwheel inside(use a flashlight to see what I am talking about)
6.Remove the drum and inspect.
Good luck and hope this helped...

If there is any fluid seepage from the wheel cylinder replace the WC immediatly.If your too late and the rears are contaminated you have to replace the shoes along with a new WC.

To adjust a drum,using that same starwheel adjust the SW in the opposite direction that you loosened it.Keep testing the tightness by rotating the drum and feeling how much drag is on the drum with the e-brake completely released.There should only be a slight drag to a properly adjusted rear drum brake asy.
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In addition to smacking the drums, aren't there little threaded holes for standard 8mm bolts? You can screw in either side of the drum and work them back and forth to push the drum off... Maybe I'm thinking of something else...
Bittles110 is correct- there are two M8-threaded "jackholes" for prying the drum off. One tip- make sure your E-brake is released before trying to pop the drums- they won't budge otherwise. D-oh!
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