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Today i got an email from ebay/ Bill Cobb, basically it read like this:

"Let me say that, while we believe these changes are modest, we consider any changes that may impact our sellers with great care. These adjustments are the result of careful analysis and we believe they're the right thing to do to keep the marketplace strong for our and eBay Motors sellers."

Core Listing Fees: Auction-Style & Fixed Price*

Insertion Fee
Starting Price:
$1.00 - $9.99

New Fee:$0.40
Current Fee:$0.35

Final Value Fee
Selling Price:
$25.01 - $1000.00
New Fee: 3.25%
Current Fee: 3%

*Does not impact Store Inventory Listings.

eBay Motors Vehicles Fees

The fees listed above will also apply to Parts & Accessories.

Motorcycles & Powersports
Transaction Services Fee
New Fee:$40
Current Fee:$30

Cars & Trucks, Other
Vehicles & Trailers
Transaction Services Fee
New Fee:$50
Current Fee:$40

Motors Reserve Fee
New Fee: 0.1% of reserve price ($5 min., $10 Max.)
Current Fee: $5

Although the increases do LOOK modest, again it is ANOTHER increase, and the 2nd one since July '06. Between ebay and paypal, it is becoming increasingly NOT worth it for regular folks, like myself, to sell items and actually make something off of them.
I used to sell on there regulary, but i have cut back because of lack of parts flow and now it looks like i will be cutting back since ebay/paypal wants to take more of a chunk away from people.

Thanks ebay! :mad2:

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Man that SUCKS.
Considering the fact they do this, and NOTHIN to divert the INCREDIBLE amount of fraud that takes place on their site.
Ya know, I think eBay seriously frauds it's users themselves, I've sold 7 cars on eBay, and EVERYTIME I used buy it now option, mysteriously someone bought it, and never came through. Im out $40 for the listing fee. Now unless A. Sellers are doing this to lessen the market
B. I have the worst luck
or C. eBay does this

I hate eBay.....

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I haven't used ebay in over a year.
I haven't used paypal in over a year either, since I got screwed out of a couple hundred dollars.

Long story short.
I sold a set of power windows to a guy, through ebay.
Sent the stuff out cheap like he wanted it. NO tracking etc. I went on vacation.

Come back from vacation, find my paypal locked, with negative balance.
Buyer claimed I didn't ship. No inquiry. No questions asked. I'm out a set of windows AND out of a crapload of cash.
Big arguement with PP, left me with a "screw you, I ain't payin for that!"

I use money orders, bank transfers and bidpay from now on.
Whenever I buy something, I do it wirh my creditcard, around egay.
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