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Ebay... umm.... thing

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I don't know whether to be sick or cry... possibly NSFW
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The Ebay Seller said:
Here it is a one of a kind former trophy winner.
Quoting from an "Everybody Loves Raymond" episide, "What contest in hell did I win?"

Hey man I was biddin' on that!!! :lol:
Seriously, that thing is at 2K and hasn't met the reserve? :roll: I want 2K for mine and it a WHOLE lot prettier than that, ummm thing
Maybe it's cause the folks here have taste?
Yeah, $2k? What are people thinking??? That's nasty.

We should declare a Jihad on that car, and the owner... and the Painter... and the Body Man...

Hood has lock pins.
...Probably to keep it from jumping off the car and committing suicide.

Any Sale price over 6500 shipping will be free in the lower 48 states
What a deal!

I think Im going to go throw up... right after I see how much money is in my savings. 8)
Well, at least he did it to a first gen........................

I KID, I KID!!!! LoL :lol: :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: ! I love 1st Gens... one day, i WILL build one to.. hehe.

Now, wait a minute though, you can at least give him credit for...... ah, f--- it.... there can be no credit given to that thing... lol.

[edit] Actually, i take that back. All joking aside, this thing does have a lot of work in it. They even continued the color scheme into the door jams, and the interior was at least clean and semi-planned-out. The fiberglass work done on the hood and sunroof areas looks like it was done very nicely. Also, at least they took the time to either find, or make a wing that bolted up to the hatch in a decent manner. Supposing that the wing was actuialy air-foiled in shape, and worked, it does have a good solid base for mounting. I really think the painter was on drugs or something when designing the scheme, and it WOULD look a ton better with a solid color paint job, or at least less intensive graphics. The taillights arent all THAT bad, unless you're a stock nazi, but in the showcar world, you need something other than stock taillights. Its like trying to drag race in a turbo class with an all-motor car... you sorta need the turbo.

Anyhoo.... great work that requires very good skills....... baaad application of said skills though... lol :lol:
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ComposiMo said:
Well, at least he did it to a first gen........................
I knew someone was going to say it. But it wasn't gonna be me. :lol:
That car reminds me of a character Cher used to play on her old TV show (you young'uns probably have never seen it). This is from the "Laverne at the Laundromat" skits. The outfit is so tacky that it made Cher's regular garb look downright glamorous by comparison! Anyway, the car just really reminded me of it...
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HAHAHAAHA I think my mom used to watch thta show when I was still in diapers, lol.

the paint looks like it was a quality job. I've never understood a finish like that, whether its on a lifted truck, a 30's hot rod, or whatever.

My CAT is even crying over that thing!!!!!
do you know how many times that thing has been on ebay................

props on the work put into it but he gets a d-- for styling used

and an F---- for doing it to a rex why couldn't it be like a freegin escort or a hyndai
Unfortuantly the 'rex was the only car little enough to be able to be held down so he could do that stuff to it!! The poor little fella never stood a chance! :lol:
he is barley a teenager.......... we should call that guy micheal jac........ nevermind i ain't gunna finsih it {code}Mliaceh jnaocsck{/code}
Anyone else ACTUALLY read how retarted the guy is?

SecondRate2006 said:
Special wheels
Those are Talon wheels arent they? Anyone notice that one isnt Chrome?

SecondRate2006 said:
convertible sun roof
What the HELL! Sounds like the kid just didn't want to invest in a new sunroof, so he got a bunch of fleace together and tied it to some rods, and called it a day.

SecondRate2006 said:
the paint work on this car is unbelivable and gets everyone to look no question
Yea, sentance speaks for itself. I'd look to if I saw someone driving in a car decorated with dead cats and there organs.

And one last thing to ponder... Does anyone see any turn signals on the front of the car?
spaztik-x said:
And one last thing to ponder... Does anyone see any turn signals on the front of the car?
oh ya thats b/c its a straight up show car, come on besides if that car was coming down the street at you i personally would just stop......... to get out of my car to vomit so he dont' relaly need turn signals b/c noone is moving around him lol that or he wants someone to put the car out of its misery i know i do
Twenty bucks says the owner tryin' to unload it on E-Bay is
some kinda white trash dere in TN. These, on the other hand,
are kinda neat . . . ... 4036QQrdZ1

Somewhere out there a first gen owner is wretching......poor lil 1st gen. :cry:
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With a nice red paint job and losing that spoiler, that car could look pretty good. But who would want it in their driveway until they had the cash to get the paint done? Not I!
Ok, so its not just limited to 1st Gens... hehe :lol:

If only it could be easily saved... There are a lot of people that would love that glass top... including me.
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