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dohcrxl said:
whitey2g said:
I've checked the grounds and replaced the main relay and ecu. The light on the new ecu still doesnt blink also. So i dont have a solution yet!
1- How did you "check" the grounds?

2- Which grounds did you check?

3- Where did you get the main relay?

4- Does the relay provide 2 clicks?

5- Is the ecu a known good ecu?

6- Are all your fuses good?

According to what you've posted, the main relay is good and so are the grounds and ecu. Our CRXs are very simple so there's not much more to it. If you have good power and ground to a good main relay, it'll relay that to the ecu which then sends signal to the fuel pump. If you've correctly followed the steps outlined by everyone then you should have a running car considering there's nothing else wrong with the car.

I can tell you though that most of the time when something seems so very difficult, it is because it is exactly the opposite. A good percentage of the no start problems I've ever fixed were because of main relay or grounding problems. I've yet to see an ecu go bad short of someone dropping it onto concrete.
well if he did the swap with the ecu in the car pluged up, and then he grounded somthing out, he could of smoked the ecu with out even knowing!

did you have the ecu pluged up when you did the swap? did you make anything short out or make any thing spark?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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