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I currently have a chipped pr3 for my ECU (b16a1/na), I know that going OBD1 is more than likly my best bet for tuning my own setup with all the features i need.
I have talked to someone about this, but want more input.
I need a harness (conversion)
obd1 distro.....
anything else really?
and then the ecu... what mods will I need to do to one (p28?) to get datalogging/realtime feedback (digital dash like) etc... I know this isn't but...
anyone got info on chrome.... (they got a site now? or still 40 levels deep on (i hate that forum on account you have to reread who 40 page threads to find out nothing changed) ) like feature sets?

a nice simple walk through and maybe some ideas of where to get what i need?

my plans include some gsr parts/adjust cam gear, and header (running stock mani) then a nice powerful tune, then get my HMT togeather and be ready to install it, other than learning how to tune AFTER i got all those hot parts waiting to be installed.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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