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EF8 & EF9 bumper lights

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Ok, I know that this is a CRX forum, but I'm trying to reach those non'USDM guys.

Are the EF8 & EF9 bumper lights the same shape and size? Can you use EF9 bumper lights in a EF8 bumper?
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I don't believe they're an exact fit, but you could make them work.

I'm basing that on Seti's comments in this thread.
Some fiberglass bumpers use the white EE9/EF9 type.

But you'll need to do some (extensive) reconstructive surgery on the bumper to switch them out otherwise.
lol, what is it going to take to have clear bumper lights?!?

I have a Y49 Si and don't like how the EF/EE8 amber yellow lights clash with the Y49 Yellow.
cut out indicator section. Plastic graft an EF9 bumper section into it. Done.

Or, plastic sculpt one, and graft it in.
I have JDM front on my hatch, and my crx the hatch units are about 50% taller.
very well, I'll get over it. Seti, I hear you on the plastic grafting, but as of right now I do not want to cut on my mint JDM front bumper.

Hey, I think I have already asked you, but can you get your hands on a SiR digital climate control unit, the wire harness and the sensors and motors to convert mine over?

If I've already asked...sorry I just keep hitting roadblocks on this one.
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