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No big updates until recently. Boss called me last week, told me the VPs signed off on my bonus. Next day, a long time friend and fellow collector of dumb rare parts posted some stuff for sale. Snagged some Mugen license plate blanks that were used on their catalog cars, and never offered for sale to the public. Then this morning, bodyshop hits me up, they want to enter the car into the Radwood show at COTA next month. It's like the stars are aligning. So, now the clock is running. Ran over there today and dropped off the Mugen plates, FG360, and a rear view mirror cover. Gotta make time next week to go back over there and bring more parts and install stuff. Swing by the storage unit and get the Bride rails for the ASM SR-6 Super Stark Recaros, swap the seats, install some Hitman accessories, H.I.C. rear visor, Mugen pedals, cup holder, ITR leather shift boot, and some other stuff I'm probably forgetting, just looking at the stack of stuff I've got on my desk at the moment lol.
41 - 55 of 55 Posts