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EF8 (SiR) Glass Top Replacement

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so my ef8 had a little hood malfunction going 80 mph long story short i need a new glass roof, alot of people are saying just go to a custom glass shop and have one made cuz it would probly be cheaper but i wanna test the waters and find how much it would cost to get a jdm glass top replacement without having to buy the glass top conversion with it, anyone know where to look? or anyone have one that wants to get rid of it? i already checked most jdm sites, the only one that showed any potential was jdm****.com and they are out of stock for a long while and i need it done soon. Looking forward to the feedback
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I'd say you're pretty well screwed.

I know there's a dude on selling a conversion.
try Jhot! they tend to have them from time to time
I have a buddy with one. Where are you located? He wanted $600 + Shipping
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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