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I was supposed to go to a big car meeting today. I've only attended 1 dutch meeting after N11. I'm a bit disheartened by the dutch car scene recently.

So today was "getting back in the saddle day" for me. And the car sent me a clear message about it.

Yesterday I washed it for the first time in months. I scrubbed down the bay, which I do more often than wash the car actually.
Prepared bottled drinks, made sandwiches, packed fruit...the whole thing.

And 4 minutes into my drive to the first meeting point, she starts to buck on me. Literally. I was running on 3 cylinders.
At the car park I checked to see what was up, and quickly found an inch of water in 2 spark plug holes.
My effin sub-standard plug wire grommets let water through. And I was even so careful about getting them wet. I wash that bay dozens of times a year. And today it's giving me problems.

Ofcourse I was "that tard that got his plugs wet" when I got there. We tried to dry it out. But still wouldn't run right. I'm not going to risk any damage, so I went home. Just took the plugs off again, and they're all gummed up. And the plugs all rusty from the water.
Amazing it took only 10 minutes for them to corrode. They're almost new.

But, this being Holland. All the stores are closed on sunday. So no parts.
I got up at 6.... I was home at 7:40.

I'm going back to bed, and not coming out until tomorrow. :cry:

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After cooling my head, I decided to take a second look.

I took the plugs out, and cleaned them with a soft metal wire brush. I took the distributor cap off with the wires (still attached) and cleaned all that up too.

That took me well over half an hour to do properly. With paper wads I cleaned out the empty shafts, and put the plugs back in. Re-connected the wires.... and STILL running on only 2 burners.

Threw my tools aside, and went back inside to eat.

However, I was determined to find out WTF was wrong with it.
Well.. you know how it goes. Short lead is #1, little longer is #2... etc.
The number 2 wire got snagged on a clip under the distributor, so it seemed to be shorter than the number one. I ended up swapping 1 and 2 around.
Dutch saying: Haste brings waste.

Still doesn't run like it did before tho. I'll get new plugs tomorrow.

I still went to the meeting, be it several hours late.
It was okay. Good to see some people again. The event itself sucked.
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