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I was watching TV the other day and a Canadian Tire commercial came on advertising "a new revolutionary invention called an electronic rust protection system"
I was like wow what if this thing actually worked!!!
So I went on the website and looked it up. This is what they have to say about it:
* Provides total rust protection for the entire vehicle body, inside and out
* Used by industry professionals in some of the harshest industrial conditions for 20 years (salt harvesting, mining, aviation, snow removal)
* Cost effective (one time purchase)
* Environmentally friendly (chemical-free technology is completely harmless to the driver and vehicle)

Apparently you mount the devise on the inside of your engine bay and it uses electricity to protect your car from rust...

Has anyone heard of one of these things and if so do they work???

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By the way, may want to do a bit more research on it.... after about 2 minutes of searching, this is what i found commented on it:

"The devices are totally bogus. The Canadian government has gone after
the promoters. The devives are said to work by impressed current
cathodic protection, but the car would have to be underwater for this
to be effective.

"The theory is valid but practice is impractical. It can work for
totally immersed objects but in which case sacrificial corrosion
blocks are more effective. On rig legs, the current flow between the
steelwork and the blocks (often zinc) can be many amps!

The problem with cars is that there is no way to complete the circuit
to all potentially (urg) affected parts. That's why galvanising is so
effective because there is always intimate contact.

So though not pseudo-science, it is inappropriate science. Unless
someone knows better...
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