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I have to get my car inspected every 2 years here in Delaware.
Ever since I put this B16 in, I have been having trouble passing emissions.

I've changed the ECU, the throttle body, new plugs, wires, cap, rotor.
Changed the oil ( just on the advice of a guy, I can't see how THAT would help, but it can't hurt, I guess)

STILL FAILS!! :evil:

I have a chance to get a GSR motor/trans for 1500.
I cant afford it right now, but that's what I'd like to get.
We are trying to buy a new car right now, sooo, finances are tight for my car.
Oh, and the rubbing alcohol trick didn't work either...
The only other thing I can think of is to put an adjustable fuel pressure regulator on and dial it down for the test.

I'll probably end up with the GSR motor. (my choice)
The funny thing is, this motor has never ran better...
Any ideas?
Oh, I'll have a B16 with a Y1 trans for sale, soon.

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The header will not effect emissions.

I know that here in Pa. once you've spent "X" amount of dollars even if the vehicle still does not pass they give you an emissions sticker anyways... haha

What the dilly in the Delly?

btw What are your emissions readings?
You should have a print out that tells you exactly what emissions are at unacceptable levels.

I have a hunch that an obd0 B16 may be too "dirty" for some of our states laws.

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I just had a bout with making my winter beater civic wagon pass emissions. To begin with the readings were more than 5 times the allowable limit. I replaced the o2 sensor and retarded the ignition timing 4 degrees. Readings were decimal points from passing.

My options then were to get a look at the cat or put in a "guaranteed to pass" emissions fuel additive. Went with the latter and passed. Thing is, when you do pass here in WI, there are no readouts, just says "pass".

If your readings are close to passing, I'd just retard the timing and go with the fuel additive. Be sure to follow the directions and run out almost an entire tank with the additive then fuel up and retest. You should be using 93 octane as it is with your b16 but if not, do that on the treatment tanks. I did it even on my 87 oc required wagon. Not sure if it actually helped anything but I found comfort in knowing there would be less chance of detonation.
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