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Engine Miss.

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I picked up a 91 dx rex a while back. The guy had took off all the vaccum lines that were on the manifold etc. When I got it, I put them back on, but I didn't have the correct ones, and found some very small vaccum hose laying around. Ever since I did that, and drove it, the engine has a miss. I thought it could be electrical, so I bought a brand new dizzy, plugs, wires etc. and still has the problem. I am wondering if maybe it could be a vaccum problem, due to using super small lines, what do you guys think. Also throwing no codes etc.
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im not quite sure. but i think that would cause the problem....... because you have to have a certain amount of vaccume pressure for the motor to run right i think...... any body correct me if i am wrong
Vacuum would only make the engine have an erratic idle, nothing else.

You have an issue with timing. Have you gapped your spark plugs properly? Has the car been timed? Is the cam advanced by a tooth? Things like this need to be checked.

Check the gap in your plugs, check to make sure there is no oil going on the spark plug wires inside the valve cover. Check to make sure they are not arcing togeter. Check to make sure the timing is good on the vehicle. Check to make sure the injectors are not fouling (Code 15 I beleive on your ECU, sometimes no CEL).
the vacuum lines wouldnt cause a miss. It could be a number of things like plugs, wires, o2 sensor or possibly a bad ground. Also look for any loose/broken sensors

I had a little miss after detailing my engine bay, turned out there was a little water that got into the spark plug tube and it was causing a bad miss.
Thanks guys, it seems that I was off a tooth, on my cam gear, I don't know how that happened, my belt is not too loose and I haven't changed it reciently but it seems to be better now.
If it happens again, change your belt and your tensioner, do the waterpump while your in there.
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