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WarpFactorVIII said:
how much money are you willing to spend??? :D
cheap- nice D series setup
mild/moderate- B or H series
crazy- K series
stupid crazy - LS1 or RB26DETT or 2JZ
Pretty much summed up.. . . But i am going to pretend that that last line was not in there. .. :)

basically if you have enough money and skills you can put about what ever you want in a crx. . . . Look at all the people doing k swaps now. . . . .5 years ago that was unheard of. . . .

The d series is obviously the easiest to swap since they all bolt right in. . . with the exception of the d16a1 from the early teg. . . . they are more suited for the older 84 - 87 crx.

The b series is a great engine.. and a relativly easy swap. . . . witht he invent of conversion harnesses and mounts and shift linkage. . . or if you are so inclined you can make your own. . but still you are putting something where it did not belong so there are always going to be little issues along the way..

The h series swap is popular.. and a hek of a torque monster right out of the junkyard. .

The k swap is just insane. . . .but I only say that as I do not have the money for one. .. . I am sure if i rode in one. . . .my main goal in life would be to get one int here as soon as possible

Basically it comes down o how much money and time you have and if you are going to be doing the work yourself or paing a mechanic to do it for you. ..

I would suggest doing some reading and buying some tools if you do not already have them. . .. and a nice shop manual and doing the work your self. . . . It is much more rewarding to have done it yourself and when somehting breaks you will be able to find out what is wrong allot easier. .

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