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I got my stepdad an Escort Passport G-Timer for an Xmas present. I know it's not the most accurate measurement, but I would be surprised if he ever takes his car near a real track, and he is into that stuff (likes it so far anyway!). Anyone use these things, could you tell me how close they are? We will be comparing the 0-60 times of the CRX, TSX, and 06 Si with it tomorrow, but can't do too much more until we get the exact weights of each. I can't wait to prove what a porker the Si is when we get it on a scale!

The TSX and Si are stock, I think the Si has a HFP muffler or something that doesn't add any real power. My car has a better tq/weight ratio but I'm not sure about power. I figured I would need 143hp at the crank to have the same as the Si based on curb weight, I expect the cam, IHE, and tuning should make at least the 14hp over a stock Y8, and I'm running a mini-me. Anyway, it's a pretty neat little unit, I'm almost as excited as he is about it.

As an aside, I got a sweet Craftsman tool box with the ball bearing drawers, this thing is going to be a PITA to get in the CRX to haul it back to NY!
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