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evo powered crx???

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I seen a crx a while back in a magazine with a 4g63 powerplant in it. I was wondering if anyone attempted this and what was the outcome. How much work would it be to do this. I think it would be a monster.
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A guy on Honda Tech did it... go over there and search the EF forum for 4G63 CRX. It's a LOT of custom fab work... but yeah it's a crank-walking monster.
non Honda engine in a Honda discussed on a Honda forum. . . . prob not going to get allot of enthusiasm .... its different. . . ill say that. . . .and ill also say this. . . .with fabrication skills, welder, torches, plasma cutter, money, time ALL is possible . . . i don't mean this in a mean way at all. . . . but the people who usually build these kind of " creations" usually don't ask advice. . . .they just build it. . . .and it works or it doesn't
there is not bolt in kit. . ., its not cheap.. . its just skills, money and fabrication. . . .usually just the fact that someone had to different things laying around . . . eg . . .non running crx. . . . .and evo motor and no evo. . . . . then one day it hit him. . .

im still sticking to my Honda roots though. . .
keep it honda. Can you imagine how much a cast iron 4g63 would weigh? I built a 4g63t colt it was crazy, bolts in with elauntra mounts. I still think KRX>4g63t anything.
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