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I am putting together a 90 CRX DX w/ZC swap to use as a daily driver. It is going to need an exhaust system and I wanted to solicit some opinions.

Option 1 is to have a muffler shop cobble together something using a Walker Super Turbo mufffler and a pretty tip.

Option 2 is to put a complet DNX system on (a little over $300 from Summit Racing & I'm local).

Option 3 is a Flowmaster rear section and a cobble from the header to the rear section.

I have access to competent people to help with the cobbles and I have a Flowmaster rear section on my 99 Civic Si and I like it (mostly quiet until I don't want it to be!).

Is there something better out there? I don't want to spend mega bucks on full cat back systems.

Thank you,

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