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I had a friend make mine. Originally 2.5inch crush bend piping with a 24" cherry bomb and a hedman glass pack tip. Later I decided I needed a muffler, so we added in a $20 Turbo 2 from Autozone (Scott's suggestion) and replaced the bends with mandrel bent stainless, TIG'd together. Total cost still hasn't exceeded $100, and it sounds good. It sounded a lot buzzier without the muffler, obviously, very racy. Since I've added that in, I've been very happy with it (surprising for the money!), and you can now hear the intake sound which in my opinion is much better.
For comparison, Jared has a 2.5 inch Thermal R&D on his car with the A6. He cut the Thermal tip off and bought the same Hedman tip I have, his exhaust sounds a little quieter and a little more metallic still, and that's a decent catback (purchased by the PO of my car).

Whatever you build, use good steel and paint it, keep it clean and you should be all set.
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