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Fan shrouds

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One of my problems is that I went with a dual core radiator. This meant thin SPAL fans and no shroud. Well, it ain't cutting it, so I am going to put in a all-aluminum single core and beefier fans.

Does anyone know where I can get a shroud? The shrouded dual 11" fans SPAL offers are too thick (4.25"). With my header, I really can't do more than 2.5".
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read the post again and -- nevermind. :oops:
I went to the junkyard, and randomly opened up a few dozen hoods.
Volvo, Saab, Hyundai, and Volkswagen are some of the brands I found that use a fairly slim design.
I ended up picking up a hyundai fan for 20 bucks that was in real nice shape and an inch and a half thick. I flipped it on it's side, and went at it with a dremel.

Removed the mounting brackets since they didn't line up anyway.
Thinned down the shroud here and there to better fit my car.
Made 2 custom mounting brackets, and mounted it in front of the radiator. Wired it it's a push fan. Problem solved.
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