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fender brace

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Just curious, but do you guys know if the fender braces rc autoworks sells do anything?

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I have a set, they're awesome. Much more effective than a strut brace. Last I heard though, he's not making them anymore.
ive heard great things about them, from stiffening up the front end to reducing wheel hop. theres a couple places that still sell them,, and i think also ive seen some floating around on ebay for cheaper. i just made some for my car, but its just really thick flat stock welded to the unibody :D il get some pics up later when i figure out how to use this site, this is my first post.
haha yes! hopefully your getting a nice gas welder instead of the ****ty flux core i have :cry:
groundzer0336 said:
Exactly how I plan to do them on y rex.

Welding in the braces should prove to be much more effective than bolt on ones.

I just noticed a significant amount of body flex getting out of the driveway the other day.

Ever put your car on a lift and try to open the doors? =[

Maybe I should get a welder and have some welded in like that..
damn i just noticed how ghetto i am haha. jackstands on wood, huge collection of beer cans under my car haha. god i wish i had a garage, no! i wish i had a real drive way haha. this sucks.
Would that flex make the doors drag on the bottom? Because my friends were giving me crap about the doors not working when i had the front end lifted up. And i told them it was the chasis flexing.
I didn't even remember posting this.
This is the last set I made.

Me and one of my in laws were talking about making a non tube designed one with thicker metal. I just need to give him a template and see what he comes up with.
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Why do I get the feeling these would take me out of STS2?
Just don't tell anyone. It's not like you're competing at nationals, nobody will even know.
jfrolang said:
Just don't tell anyone. It's not like you're competing at nationals, nobody will even know.
That's the spirit!
so fender braces actually do help? what about rear quarter panel braces?
Sorry to bring this back... But is anyone still making these? Krix? Would you be interested in making one more set for your homie?!? lol
Now you ask :lol:

I had been meaning to make a master template off the shell that sat in my driveway for the last year but never go to it. Now Angry has it. Im not taking my fenders off mine either, it too forever to get the WW kit lined up.

If get the chance Ill try to make a template off one in a junk yard or something or maybe ill drive up to Angry's place one weekend :p
Sorry to bring this from the dead boooo haha.I would love to buy some fender braces but i cant find them, anyone has some links?
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