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Ferrari Enzo totalled in a street race....

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See it here - Enzo. Click on "Ferrari crashes on PCH.....". The car split in half and the driver?/passenger walked away. The guy just totalled a one million dollar car in a stupid street race..................
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:shock: :cry: Just another to add to the list.

One very close to me had crashed and literally burned on Austin Pkwy. Spun out and hit a tree.

Dang shame...
ya that dude should have died......... dumbass
When they were listing the names behind those who owns the enzo, I was thinking, probally some celeb who decided that 1mill wasn't enough to destroy.
Dumbest guy ever!
dang it ripped the engine right off! one lucky s.o.b. to walk away from that.
a friend of mine read on a 3000GT/Stealth forum that the blood on the airbag matched the blodd of the "passenger" in DNA
Only 398 left!
so theres a enzo motor available somewhere? New swap idea John? :lol: The EnzoRex
Rip-off Ferrari product, my 15 thousand dollar prelude held in one piece through the whole 1/8 mile. :wink:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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