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So I've been slowly working on the two 1gens I picked up, and am to the point where I need to figure out how the fuel is going to get from the tank to the fuel rail. Here's the problem:

FI cars had a rubber line that went from the pressurized side of the fuel pump to a screw-on fitting on the end of the main hard line that runs to the fuel filter in the engine bay. The carbed car I'm using as a shell does not have this fitting on the main fuel line, just a barb. How do I make the electric pump and carbed line work together? Am I going to have to swap the FI line into the shell just for that fitting?

Another question regarding the hard lines: The FI model has two large lines and a small one, where as the carbed car has one large and two small lines. I'm assuming the additional large line is for increased fuel return volume. Will I need to swap that as well, or will the small line suffice?

Another long post, but thanks guys!
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