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Ok well as my summer job gets closer and closer, I'm finalizing my road trip plans. I'll be heading back to Troy NY to move into my new apartment next weekend, and then on tuesday 20 June, I'll be heading out to Toronto by myself to meet my friend there. I plan to get to TO mid afternoon on tueday, and I'll be staying there that night, exploring the city the next day, and leaving on this trip thursday morning. Cape Cod is still undecided, we may end up skipping it because of all the extra driving and just stay in Boston to spend a little more time there. My friend is Canadian, from Winnipeg (lives in TO now) and has never been to New England aside from when we worked together in CT last summer.

Here is the route (Staged like Mark's though much shorter):

Stage 0: Tom goes to Toronto
386 miles/620km, estimated 6.5 hours
90 west forever to 290, 190, QEW to Toronto

Stage 1: Toronto to Montreal:
340 miles/550km, estimated 5.5-6 hours
Take HWY401E to AUT 20E

Stage 2: Montreal to Mt. Washington via Kancamagus Hwy:
229 Miles/370km, estimated 4 hours
Take AUT 10E to AUT 55S/I-91S
Take I-91S to I-93S to RT112 (Kancamagus) East to Conway (hostel is here)
From Conway, Pinkham Notch is 30miles/50km/40 min 1-way up rt 16

Stage 3: Conway to the Cape via NH seacoast
236 miles/380km, estimaed 4.5-5 hours (Boston traffic on Saturday though)
Take 16S to Rt1S (along the beaches)
RT1 merges with 93S through Boston
Take RT3 out of Boston to RT6, follow 6 out the cape

Stage 4: Cape Cod to the Berkshires, and then to Troy:
293 miles/470km, estimated 6 hours
Take 6 Back West to 25W and 495N, then to the Mass Pike.
Get on I-91 North, stop in Northampton exit 18
Continue on I-91N to exit 26 (greenfield)
take RT-2W to Troy

Stage 5: Troy to New Haven
155 miles/250km, estimated 2.5 hours
787 to I-90 East to I-91 south

Total Distance:
1699 miles/2734km in about 30 hours total driving time
Fuel (avg 35mpg): 49gal/185 litres

So hopefully everything goes well. 50 gallons means I will have to fill up probably 5 times total, I'm expecting 35mpg (that's what I've been getting so far), but it may be better with all the highway driving and letting Jess drive (still under debate!). Hopefully I will only have to fill up twice in Canada, since fuel is more expensive. For the ON/QC guys, will I be able to get 93 octane along my route? What are the prices up there? If anyone has any suggestions on places to go along the route, let me know.

And of course, I'm taking extra axles, tranny, floor jack, motor hoist...

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Yeah I was going to ask you about it actually, it's going to be a long drive out to TO alone. We are talking on AIM now about cutting the trip to the cape out and spending some time in Boston.

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Looks like I convinced her to not want to go to the cape. So I'll be cutting that out, and most of that day will be spent on the beach in NH/Newburyport/Boston.
Scott, I will definitely stop in Rochester if you can meet me, it will be nice to break up the trip a little. All that driving on I90 is going to be killer.
So for the Canadians, what am I looking to pay up there for 93 octane (and can I get it)? I don't know if I'll have too much free time in TO, but maybe I could meet a couple of you guys for a beer or something with friend?
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