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Finally got my REX running strong

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Well after replacing about every part I could think of I finally went ahead and purchased a new distributor from Distributor King on Ebay. I kind of knew the distributor was bad but was hoping it was something cheaper. At least now I know I have a lot of new parts now. After it was all said and done I replaced the fuel filter, O2 sensor, MSD cap and rotor, MSD SS coil, MSD wires, and NGK spark plugs. There was probably more but can't really think of more right now.

I am just so happy that my car is running strong. Before it would die at stop signs and would run horrible over 3k RPM's. Unfortunately now that I have it running great, I have to take it apart. In a month it is getting a new clutch, flywheel, timing belt, and a bunch of other small items. Luckily I know what I am getting myself into since I just finished a lot of the same work on my 96 Civic.
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Congratulations! It always feels good to get it running great, especially if you've been struggling with it for a while. I hope my car runs again when I put it back together! :lol:
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