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Finally installed the clutch and stuff.

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Well after a couple delays due to weather I finally was able to work on my car. Ended up borrowing a friends garage. Started on it about 8:00 last night and finished everything about 6:00 this morning. Ended up installing a kevlar clutch disc, Action Clutch heavy duty PP, Evo Industries 11.5lb aluminum flywheel, new axles, and skunk2 short shifter and shift knob.

Everything went pretty smoothly. The clutch is a huge improvement over the original. A little more pedal effort is required but nothing extreme. The short shifter takes a little getting used to. I keep thinking it is not in gear because I barely moved the shift knob. But boy does it make shifting a whole lot smoother.

Now the next thing on my agenda before going to the body shop is better brakes. Anybody have any suggestions? I am currently leaning towards a setup form The kit includes 11 inch rotors, aluminum wilwood 4 piston calipers, adapters and brake lines.
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I think we need to know a little more about what you want from your brakes. Are you doing it entirely for the looks? Or are you trying to maximize braking power while maintaining peak performance? (or something inbetween?)
I didn't think had any kits for our cars. And I just went and checked again, and couldn't find it. Did you find something?
Looks don't hurt but I am really looking for better performance with less fade. I guess anything would be better than the $9.99 Autozone pads on it now.

I thought about doing the Civic EX swap but the idea of hunting down the different parts and then paying a premium for the rarity for a 10.2 inch rotor didn't make that much sense to me. For a little more money I could get a whole kit that moves up to an 11 inch rotor.

Here is a link to the exact kit I am talking about. 88-91 Civic/CRX kit

I'm going to save money on the kit by switching from drilled and slotted rotors to blanks. What do you guys think?
Ok, I have been looking at their site all wrong before. If you click on 88-91 CRX/Civic, it says "There are no products to list in this category." But if you notice, then it opens a submenu on the left side that has different kits. That's awesome. I always thought we were out of luck on our cars.
i have installed flexible tubing from the front of my car and pointed them at both my front calipers. the tubing is made from cardboard with aluminum coils all the way through, and they are very durable, even though they get wet.

the tubing is mounted on either side of the radiator on the lower rad support (is this part called the cross-member?) and from there it goes along my radius rods, and the ends point at my calipers. i used zap-straps the whole way and they havent moved or rotted out due to rain for the many months they have been there.

the whole point of them is to cool the calipers. no boiling my brake fluid, no cooking my rotors. and i can ride my brakes down a hill if i dont feel like shifting gears to compensate. i havent hade any brake fade at all and i use my brakes pretty hard.

i have Raybestos PG performance pads, and stock rotors that i had resurfaced. im not running any super bolt ons like stage-3 V-tec or anything :roll: but the cars stops when i want it to.

if you want pics i can take some. nothing much to look at... just some tubes :)
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and about looks. you cant see the tubes unless the hood is open and you are looking for them. for even better air-flow, you could cut out the holes in the bumper that the fog lights would mount to, and run it through the front of the fender.
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