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VtecCrxFL said:
The 12 valve is a very strong engine But dont boost over 7 lbs unless you build the engine. Are you needing a turbo setup for it or do you already have the parts?
I don't mean to pick on you, but would like to not perpetuate bad information on this site... as such, quoting "psi levels" is not an accurate/proper way of judging what a motor can and cannot hold.

The important number is the CFM, not the PSI. For instance, a stock B16A can handle about 300hp before it starts getting dodgy with potentially breaking the ringlands. Now, a B16 can make 300hp on 10psi out of a moderate turbo (like an SC53 for instance), or it could make 300hp with 16-18psi with a smaller turbo (T3 Super60 for instance)... but the B16 CAN handle 16-18psi... heck, it could handle 25psi... but it depends on what size turbo you are running to give you 25psi, and what the cfm output is at 25psi from that particular turbo.

So, for instance, if you had a 12v motor that someone got a SC61 turbo, and slapped it on, it may potentially only be able to take 5-7psi before it becomes dangerous, but if i had a small T3, i bet i could run it at nearly 15psi easy before it starts to become an overwhelming issue.

Its all in the tune and the setup, and power level that the motor components can deal with. Not just a simple PSI level 8)
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