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fix the bumper or get a nose kit?

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So among other things this weekend, I took cleo's (a 90 dx) nose apart. She's been in a front end collision. Near as I can figure, everything about 1/4" deeper than it should be, and the driver's side of the bulkhead has been pushed in a bit more. In particular, the bumper mount point on the bulkhead is in about 1" on the side towards the center, twisted in. I think I can compensate for most of that, tho, and I don't think at this point it's worth trying to rebuild the bulkhead. But I do have some questions....

*The bumper support's got a couple of pretty good dents and is twisted a bit. I'm gonna try straightening it JFGs, but I may need to replace that as well. The bumper cover is in fair shape, and may be salvagable. But it does have a couple of tears in it, each about 1" long. What's the best way to repair those?

*Another option would be to get a nose kit of some kind (nothing aggressive tho, I'm kind of interested in the west wings rs bumper kit, but I haven't looked around that much yet). I've never installed anything like that--do these kits mount onto the bumper support, or do they bolt directly to the bulkhead? And what exactly is the door cap for that kit?

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