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Fixing the little things... fuel sender

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I've posted this a couple of times before, not sure if it was on this board. Since I've had my CRX, the fuel gauge has been really messed up. When the tank is full, the needle sits all the way at the bottom, below empty. After I burn off about 2 or 3 gallons, it goes up to just above half, stays there for a while, and then works normally. It's also really slow to get where it should be when I start the car (it has to run for at least 5 minutes). I don't know how the sender works or where it is. I imagine it's like the one in my motorcycle was, basically a floating arm with a rheostat on the end, and the top half is worn out. I can see this happening from a previous owner always topping off the tank, never draining it more than a couple of gallons. So anyway, I'm running out of things to do/fix on the car, so I have the time to do the little things like this. How do I get the sender out, does it require dropping the tank?
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I know that the electrical connector for the fuel sending unit is underneath the rear storage compartment (rear seat) area. I'm not sure if you can access the sending unit from there though.
That access panel only allows a visual to the fuel connections.
You physically have to drop the tank to replace the fuel sender.
I'd try and run the fuel down to below 1/4 so the tank wont be heavy.Use the mileage to guess the fuel level seeing that the gauge is innacurate.
Sad to say though the tank will have to come down.
Where is the sender in the tank, not connected to the pump? The gauge actually works after about 2 gallons, so that's not a problem.
ollie said:
That access panel only allows a visual to the fuel connections.
Helm's seems to disagree. Under "Sending Unit Test/Replacement" on page 23-96:
'91 CRX Service Manual said:
1. Remove the security compartment (see section 20), then remove the maintenance access cover.

2. Check that the ignition switch [is] OFF, then disconnect the 2-P connector from the fuel gauge sending unit.

3. Remove the fuel gauge sending unit.
And then has a little picture showing the usage of "FUEL SENDER WRENCH 07920-SB20000" on the sender unit.
you can definitely get to the sender from the access panel. getting that hatch open is a pain though. id take the sender out, check for proper movement and check the resistances with a multimeter.
Just my 2c, although it is likely that it is the fuel sender unit, have you considered the actual gauge? Mine was defective when new - would never show full even if it was overflowing! It was replaced under warranty. Some time ago it died altogether on me and I checked the gauge and found a bad connection (dry joint) on the coils at the back - I seem to remember there are 3 or 4 contacts where the coils are connected.

I don't know why it would partially work though if that were the case? I'm not going to dive into my tank just yet. My friend is going to do some stuff on his EF that requires dropping the tank and also replacing the fuel pump, so I'm going to help him with that to see what it will entail for me. I dread taking the cluster apart more than dropping the tank!
My error Tom,
I double checked my access cover on my rex and forgot that the sender access and the pump access are two different things.
I was thinking that when I converted my fuel pump to a walbro 255 the sender was attached.This was not the case.
I therefore correct my previous statement by saying that yes the sender is accessable by the cover under the tray.Sorry for any confusion.
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