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Flaring my trailer, can I post this on here?

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if not please scratch my post

yup im flaring my trailer but i kinda like how they look on my rex
i started these flares a few days ago and wasn't going to show anyone untill they were done, but what the heck :lol:

Here are some pics:

and the same flares on the crx

whatcha think???? gotta keep the rice alive ya know :wink:
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SETI20 said:
BAN!!!! lol
for what the posting of a hatchback trailor or putting flares on it :lol:
for putting the flares on your car, or so I'd imagine.

Right now, I'm not a fan at all... maybe my mind can be changed when its completed....
well all it is is 3g fender cut and 2 inches added on added onto :) so really there honda flares :p just kidding once there done thet will sorta looks like this

and im on the ropes about putting them on the rex , i was just seeing how it looked ,and after seeing the pics i kinda think it doesnt go with my car
since i have all the lines shaved and what not
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ahh, I thought I saw some welds to those fenders. I got a little scared.

Right now, its a bit "eek!" to me, but there is potential for them to look decent.
Why not add some stock honda fender flares?
Is the trailor half a car? Got some farther out pics?
I've been thinking of doing that with one of my destroyed crx's.
rex2nr well i did tack on the 2inches of sheet metal,but when installed they will be tacked ,then glassed on ,trust me they will look good ,i only have about 30 minutes in to these flares and havent even cleaned them up yet :) There is only a coat of primer on them so they dont rust

SETI20 i know right ,and if i did put flares on my crx id have wheel spacers to go along with them ,you 2nd gen guys have nice flares allready ,us first genners do not really have any :( just alittle hump

Dodo what do you mean ???honda flares ,i didnt even know they made honda flares ,or do you mean just the flares that are allready there ??? if thats what you mean ,thats what i did, but with 2 more inches added on the the stock 1/2 inch flares

shorte yes it is ,its a 3g 1987 civic hatchback ,that i was going to make into a bush buggie. But the frames was to far gone to do so ,i cut it in half and have been working on it off and on for a few months
oh yeah pics :lol:

when i first cut it in half

and how it looks now the hole under side was sandblased/grinded ,buffed
the rust i could get when on the wheels has been left until i have time to get to it

i have more i think this is enough for you :p
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Lol that is awesome.
Maybe not as much flaring as i thought but still looks good.
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yeah thats pretty much a chrome fender cover ,nice car though :) i dig the color and rims
Man that things awesome, pretty close to what I envisioned for mine.
That trailor is sooo old school!!! Kick Ass!!!

I figured the flares were in a very early state... I just didn't want to see them welded on and called done like some of these kids these days...:p
The trailors cool as for the chrome fender flares on the CRX that sucks so bad!! Last time I saw those was about 8 years ago and the CRX had totally reversed offset wire wheels. :lol:
thanks :) most people like the trailor more then my car :( lol i wonder why ,but anyways it was pretty simple to do,well to where im at now lol,all i did was remove everything i didnt want cut (pretty much stripped)
removed the fuel lines and brake lines ,and ebrake cables.then made a mark where i cut and went to town :p
The cutting it self only took a bout half an hour ,most of it was on the floor boards ,then alli did was take some 1x1 square tubing and welded in a frame.All i pretty much have left is the rest of the body work and install some sort of window in the front.Since im going to be having a cust inclouser in the hatch for the yearly show out here, im thinking lexan.

i say giver its been really fun except for the rust ,but i really cant have the thing fall apart when the bass hits now can i :lol:

rex2nr thanks man i never seen one before ,and thought i might be the first ,i dout it though lol The flares will most likely take 3hours to complete and then what ever amount of time it takes to get them installed and cleaned up to a nice and clean look.i dont want them to look like al these guys that have flares and they look allmost out of place or are just to big for the car :lol: ''just silly'' but well see,you never know they might end up in the trash :lol:

daveb91 thanks ,as for the chrome fender cover things ,im not really a fan either but ,i gess they serve a purpose (blinding ocomeing traffic)lol
as for the crx it self i really like ,the color and rims but they dont mesh to well

ill have updates in the days to come I hope :wink:
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