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Flight 93

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While were on touchy subjects here..... who has seen the movie? I personaly won't pay money to see it. I think its a disgrace that people are trying to make money of the lives of these heros. From what i have herd, the producers got the permission from the familys, but to me, that dosn't justify it. If they hadnt died, they wouldnt have a movie. I can understand making a documentary on it. Thats no problem. But the sole purpose of a movie is to make money, not to embrace or prove a point. Documentarys usuialy do not make money.
This movie is not like perl harbor or other "real situation" movies, where the characters are ficticious in a real setting, these are real people who died in a real tragity that we all were here for. There names belong in a memorial, not the movie theater.
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