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Flywheel question!!

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Hey crx comm. I have one question, I got a ZC engine in my 1990crx but using my stock oem transmission. I want to purchase a aftermarket flywheel which one do I buy a crx one or the ZC one ( 89 integra in US )?

Will a crx flywheel work........because I call one store and they said that they have one but it was for single overhead only, and not for dual overhead which I have![/b]
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If I remember right, there is a different number ov bolts holding on the ZC flywheel. I'd say if the engine is from a 'teg, then get a 'teg flywheel.
Get one for your transmission. The clutch goes on the tranny, not the engine. The flywheel goes on the engine.

Get a 1990 CRX Si clutch since you have a 90 tranny.
ZC and USDM CRX flywheels are the same bolt pattern. I've run the same flywheel on my D16A6, ZC, and D15B2.

As for the clutch, go with whichever transmission you have.
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