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I don't mind the Honda paint scheme because my names on it! You can make a donation to the save the earth fund or whatever it is and they give your name in a pixel on the car! Later this year the actual paint job will be updated with everyones name.

Hamilton is the bomb huh! I would LOVE it if it was a 4 way race for the WDC and it only gets decided in the last race! It could actually happen if this keeps up!

Honda is in trouble this year for sure. Too bad. But hey, Super Best Friends are doing great for backmarkers!

BMW is cooking with gas this year too. Quick Nick has been the best of the rest for sure.

Please some points for the USA! Anything!

Hamilton is the best interviewee by a long shot. Man he makes racing sound FUN! I liked how he apologized (kinda ha ha) to Massa for not letting him pass. That was in the post race interview last race.

How about that shunt over Wurz's car in Melbourne that DC took! Man it almost took his head or hands off!

I love qualification. Elimination style is damn exciting.

That's my wrap for F1 2007 at the moment!

Here's a pic I did for the USA GP when Michelin screwed us!

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